What is Yahoo and Who Created it?

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If someone asks you What is Yahoo? then the simple answer is that Yahoo is a search engine, just like Google. It also searches the queries of the users in the entire internet and displays them in search result in front of them. By the way, if you want to know what is the history of Yahoo? how to verify Yahoo account? how it works? Then maybe you will have to read this article what is Yahoo completely. Because I am sure that if you read this article properly then by the end of this post you will get answer to all the questions that arising in your mind.


All of you must have heard about Yahoo and you must know it very well. Some of you may still be using it. Let us tell you that it is a search engine in which you can search anything like Google. Like Google it is also a popular search engine. But that thing is different that today Google has beaten Yahoo very badly. Today there is only and only Google’s name on everyone’s tongue. But at one time Yahoo was also on the foot of success. In today’s post we will know what is Yahoo? what is its history? and how to verify Yahoo’s account?

What is Yahoo?

It’s full form is “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”. Yahoo is a search engine on which you can search anything. It was launched in 1995 and today it is the most searched search engine after Google and Bing. You can consider Yahoo as a directory more than search engine, because apart from it search, it provides more than 40 services to its users. On Yahoo you can get information about Calendar, News, Image Finances, Gadget, Real Estate, Yahoo Mail, Music, Sports, Movies etc. Like Gmail, Yahoo also has a mail service called Yahoo Mail. It has become very popular among people for its question- answer service.

History of Yahoo

It was started in 1994 by two Stanford Universities Students, Jerry Yang and David Filo, and was launched a year later in 1995 under the name of Yahoo. It first launched a commercial website in which news and advertisements used to run through news. Within a few years it was the best destination for people surfing the internet. People used to search everything on Yahoo only. The head office of Yahoo company is in California. The full name of Yahoo is “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”. Earlier, the name of Yahoo was “Jerry’s Guide To The World Wide”.

Reason behind Yahoo’s downfall

There was a time when Yahoo missed to opportunities to buy Google. When Google offered it to buy it Yahoo rejected Google’s offer twice and today you can see the result. Today no one even asks Yahoo and people are going crazy behind Google. It is turned down Google’s offer saying that they do not want people from here to go to any other search engine. At that time Google was just search engine which used to show results to the users in a few seconds. At that time Yahoo had got more than $50 million from Google and today Google is a company worth more than 522 billion dollar. Yahoo wanted to be limited to its users and Google wanted to rule the whole world and it happened that today people considered Google to be the most popular search engine and to search anything they search only on Google.

Missed the opportunity to buy Facebook

In 2006, like Google, Yahoo also had a chance to buy Facebook. Then it had made a bid of 1 billion dollars for Facebook, but due to the fall in its shares its reduced it to the 850 Million Dollar. On this Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg thought again and backed out of the deal and today Facebook’s market is more than 250 billion dollars. Yahoo made these two big mistakes which later became the reason for its downfall.


Turned down the Microsoft’s offer

If Yahoo wanted, it could have avoided it’s bad situation by taking Microsoft’s offer in 2008. Microsoft was ready to pay 44 billion dollar for Yahoo to deal with Google’s challenge, but Yahoo’s board found this amount too low and now it became verizon for just 5 billion dollar.

What’s left for Yahoo now?

Overall, it is almost over and its existence has no become history. Just now it will have 33.5 stake in Japan and 15% stake in China’s giant e-Commerce company Alibaba.

How to verify Yahoo account?

Here I have given some steps using which you can get your Yahoo’s account verified.

1. First of all go to https://login.yahoo.com/ this website.
2. Now click on Don’t Have An Account Sign Up.
3. After clicking on Sign Up, fill First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Pssword, Mobile Number, Date of Birth etc and click on continue.
4. Now a box will have your mobile number which you had entered while signing up and now you click on Text Me An Account Key.
5. Now a text message will come on your mobile which you enter here and click on Verify.
6. In this way your account will be verified.

What did you learn today?

I hope I told you what is Yahoo and give complete information about and I hope you guys have understood about how Yahoo works. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write in comments below. With these thoughts of yours we will get a chance to learn something and improve something if you have like to this post of mine, what is yahoo or have you got to learn something from it, then to show your happiness and eagerness please share this post on a social networks such as Facebook Twitter and other social media.


1. Where is the head office of Yahoo?
Ans. Yahoo’s head office is in the Silicon Valley city of Sunnyvale, California, United States of America.

2. When was Yahoo founded?
Ans. It was founded in January 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Philo, graduate students at the University of Standford.

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