What is Online Marketing and How to do it?

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Do you know What is Online Marketing? It is very important for everyone to know about this, especially those people who want to make a career in the online field or who want to increase their business more online. So now the matter arises that how is it different from  normal or offline marketing. This is also a type of marketing which works online instead of just offline. Here advertiser do not need to show their advertisements from house to house, but here internet is used for this work. As we know that the reach of internet is so much that in such a situation both brands and advertisers get many benefits from it.

What is Online Marketing?

There is so much doubt about online marketing. So let me tell you that online advertisement is such a marketing strategy where internet is used as a medium to get website traffic and marketing messages are targeted to reach there right customers. Using online advertising, advertisers can reach their targeted customers in the right way. As we know that now the time is of online and in such a situation if a brand has to make its product accessible to the people than the best way is online promotion.

But most people in India do not believe in online things, so it is very important to have complete knowledge about online marketing. Since by displaying things online, it can easily reach more people and those who need those things can also reach them by searching online about it. That’s why the importance of online marketing has increased a lot in recent times. Since the 1990s, the number of people using the internet has increased enormously, due to which there has been an exponential increase in online advertising. Slowly, it is increasing its expansion in small and big organizations as well. Online marketing is also known as internet marketing or advertising.

How to buy Online Advertisement?

There are three main tools to buy online advertisement about which we will know now.

1.Cost Per Thousand (CPM):
Advertisers have to pay money when they are messages are exposed to specific audiences.
2. Cost Per Click (CPC):
Advertisers have to pay money when a user  Clicks on their ads.
3. Post Per Action (CPA):
Advertisers have to pay money when a specific action is taken by a customer such as if a purchase is made.

Some examples of online advertisement are banner ads, search engine result pages, social networking ads, email spam, online classified ads, pop-ups, contextual ads and spyware.

Types of Online Advertising

Online advertising has grown to a great extent since its origin, where earlier if we talk about advertisement, there used to be only static images which used to pop up on the top of it website. On the other hand, if we talk about today then we can get to see a wide variety of online advertisements, which we can use according to our needs. Here below, I have provided complete information about this, so that you can get information about the types of online advertising.

1. Display Ads

These are the original form of online advertising. These are the same visual ads that appear on third party websites (usually the ones that links to your content in some way or the others). Display ads have evolved a lot from their basic form. Now they are coming something like this:

(a) Static Images- These are the same basic banner and square ads that appear around your content.
(b) Text- These are text ads which are created with the help of algorithms and which are prepared only in relation to the surrounding contents.
(c) Floating Banners- These ads can float above the regular website’s content and can also move around the screen.
(d) Wallpaper- These are mainly visible in the background of the website which cover the entire page.
(e) Popup ads-  These are appear in front of the website content like new windows and if a visitor click on them, they are displayed in front of the main screen.
(f) Flash- These are like moving ads which are called “flash” and they show different content to the viewer.
(g) Video- These are small videos that get auto play many times and many times they have to be played by the users if he want to see it.

2. Social Media Ads

If it talk about 2017, then it has been revealed from a survey that about $190 billion has been traded from social media commerce in the whole world. This is such a marketing arena which is not only efficient but also effective. It has a lot of similarity with display ads, from where anything can be from simple banner or image to auto play video. Social media advertising is very good advertising because here you can target your audience in a good way. For example, you have many options in Facebook such as age, region, interests, educational background etc.

(a) Organic- Which creates loyalty and provides you feedback from your target audience, which we can also call a new version of word-of-mouth.
(b) Paid- It provides leverage from promoted posts and helps in reaching specific people. Here are the best platforms for Target.
(c) LinkedIn for B2B sales
(d) For Facebook display and for funnel marketing
(e) Stumble Upon for amazing and attention-grabbing content and if you have a good budget, then you can also choose the platform given below:-
Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit

3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is the most reliable marketing of online paid advertising. S EM works on the basis of keywords- you or other business is like yours. Here you bid on your keywords with the help of search engine so that you can rank your website better on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). All SEM ads that Google, Bing and other search engines are all text ads. They are always listed on the top and sides of SERP. Paid ads either Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Thousand (CPM).

(a) PPC

(i) Your bids which are on keywords and your results appear at the top of SERP according to their bid value.
(ii) This is a very good value package because here you are charged only when people click on your ads.
(iii) With this it is also easy to track them during the campaign.

(b) CPM

(i) Here you are charged a flat rate for everyone 1000 Impressions.
(ii) That is why it makes your budget easy and you are guaranteed a number that will eventually show app on SERP.
(iii) Here you can also have a loss if no one click on your ads then.
(iv) With this you cannot track or access the campaign until your campaign is over.

Advantages of Online Marketing

1. Extensive Coverage

If we compare online marketing with traditional marketing, then we can get a lot of coverage in it. With this we will have more consumers then offline. Since the coverage of online is very high, it can easily rich many people without any geographical boundary, which traditional marketing cannot do.

2. Large Capacity Information

There is no restriction regarding information in most of the internet companies, where you can reach the information consumers of as many as you can want, where there is a lot of restrictions on traditional market there is no restrictions on it here. (Database)

3. Sensory

Here we can make our ads according to the consumers. For example- if you want to make an ads on Children’s products then we can use videos, which will be more liked by the targeted consumers. In traditional marketing, there are not have many options.

Disadvantages of Online Marketing

1. Choosing the right consumers is difficult

It is very difficult to tell that choosing consumers from which group will result in more conversions. That’s why it is a very difficult ask for marketed to find target it consumers. (

2. Filtering ads with Network Technology

Now it is a lot of such software is being found which is being used by consumers, which is filtering the ads, due to which it is creating difficulty in favour of advertisers and they are not able to get their right customers.

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