What is Drone Camera and How to use it?

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You might have heard about this technological term “drone camera”. But do you know What is Drone Camera? How does it work? If you do not know the answer to all these question, then there is nothing to worry because today we are going to discuss about this state of the art gadget. As a strange as it sounds in hearing it is also similar in appearance. In true sense, it is only a robot which can be controlled by humans. But it is a flying robot. It has been prepared by humans only for editing their works.

Although these drones can do many things, but they are mainly designed for that work, which is at risk of being killed by humans. By the way, we are going to know about all its functions further. So read the article completely¬† without skipping anything. With this, you can get to know about the latest technology machine in details. Let’s start and know about What is Drone? How does it work?

What is Drone Camera?

What does drone means? Drones are also called UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Actually these are only miniature robots which are capable of flying, where in they are controlled with the help of a remote control system. For army or military people, these are you UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial System where they are commonly called ‘drones. Drones are used in such situations which are beyond human reach or if we say so they are risky and difficult. They can monitor 24 hours a day for a whole week. Each drone can monitor for a long time and send you all real time be imagery. That’s why it is also called ‘eye of the sky’.

Drone technology is constantly evolving day by day with the help of new innovations. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology includes everything such as aerodynamics of the drone, the materials used to make it, the circuit boards, chipset and software which is also called the brain of the drone. (Gateway)

What is Quadcopter?

This quadcopter is a very common and popular flying drone design. It is a type of drone that uses four rotors to lift and propel. By the way, the concept of quadcopter is not new, because it has been experimented before, in the year 1920, but due to the lack of right technology at that time, its effectiveness had to be a use loss. But with the advancement of electronic technology such as sensors, batteries, cameras and GPS systems, these quadcopters are now being widely used.

What is the meaning of Drone Camera?

Talking about Drone Camera, it is a flying machine made by humans with technology, which can be flown from the earth without any pilot. It is controlled from mobile computer or any remote. Drone camera is useful in many places today.

Types of Drone

1. Rotary Drone
2. Fixed Wing Drone

1. Rotary Drone

(a) Single Rotor

There is only a single router located in it. There is a tail rotor at the rear which provides control and stability.

(b) Tricopter

It has three different types of powerful motors, three controllers, for gyros and one servo motor.

(c) Quadcopter

Four rotor blades are used in this. Brushless types DC motors are used in this. In this, two motors rotate clock wise while two motors rotate anticlockwise. Lithium Polymer Batteries are used.

(d) Hexacopter

Six rotor blades are used in these in which three motors rotate clockwise while three motors rotate anticlockwise. Their landing is the fastest.

(e) Octacopter

In this, 8 functional propellers are used with eight motors. It naturally has high flying capability while its stability is the best.

2. Fixed Wing Drone

This is a completely different type of drone. Their design is also quite different from multi-rotor designs. In this you can see wings like a traditional place. At the same time, they are not very stable in the air and along with this, gravitational force seems to have more effect on their movement. At the same time they cannot lift more weight than quadcopters.

How does the Drone fly?

The four propellers of the drone are fixed and oriented vertically. Each propeller has a variable and independent speed that allows it to cover a full range of movements. Different drones have different propeller combination that help them achieve different on movements. These are not like conventional helicopters which are controlled with propeller blades and which pitch dynamically around the rotor hub. The components that are needed to pitch the blade very expensive, so these quadcopter are now being used more.

How does a Drone work?

A typical unmanned aircraft is made of very light composite materials to reduce weight and increase control. This composite material provides the strength to these drones so that they can fly very high for military purpose. It is equipped with many different technologies, such as infrared cameras, GPS and laser (they are present in all types whether it is consumer, commercial aur military UAV). Drones are controlled with the help of remote ground control system (GSC) and which is also called a ground cockpit. Actually an unmanned arial vehicle system has two parts, the drone itself and its control system.

All the sensors and navigational system are located in the front part of the drone, whereas all the drone technology system are located in the rest of the body because there is no place to keep human in them. The engineering materials that are used to make them highly complex composites, which are especially designed to absorb, the vibrations being generated, there were reducing the noise generated. These materials are very lightweight.

Who invented the Drone?

Nikola Tesla is considered the inventor of the Drone, it is said that in 1915 he had made such a combat Drone which we could control from one place and attack the enemies.

Application of Drone

1. Automatic pollination in grain fields.
2. Carrying out his work in many Search and rescue operations.
3. To do traffic monitoring.
4. In exploring hazardous sites.
5. Military surveillance.
6. Mapping the weather.
7. Aerial photography.
8. Even to provide Drone-delivery services.
9. Sport- to do drone racing.


1. How high can a drone fly?
Ans. These drone cameras equipped with smart features can fly up to a height of 50 meters.

2. What does drone mean?
Ans. An unmanned aircraft is called a drone. It is controlled from remote location.

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