What is API- Definition, Types & Examples

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We all must have heard about API but many of us would not know What is API? and What is the full form of API? We can also call it Application Programming Interface. If you are interested in knowing about computer or you like to do so, then you must also know about it. This is such a software code that helps different software programs to communicate with each other. The full form of API is Application Programming Interface. Talking about this, it is an intermediary system.

As we get to know a lot about it from its name itself. Application Programming Interface means the system that programs the application. overall it is such a system through which our application works and we can use it. So today I thought that I will give you detailed information about it, so that next time you do not face any other problem regarding API. Now, without delay let’s know what is this and what are its benefits.

What is API?

The full form of API is Application Programming Interface. Talking about this, it is an intermediary system. If we run an application on our phone or computer, when the application connects to the internet or comes into its connection it sends data to a server. Server receives that data, acts on it, does whatever work you want and then send that data back to your phone or your computer. All this work is done through an API. It means that without API, work of any application is difficult.

Let’s understand it through a simple example. Suppose you have gone to a restaurant to eat food, then you will have a menu from which you can choose what you want to eat. In such a situation, suppose that you have ordered a pizza, then a waiter will come, he will go to the kitchen and the person working in the kitchen will make the pizza, then that waiter will come to you again and will give your Pizza to you.

Application Programming Interface

In this example, the waiter is the API which is working between us and the people in the kitchen. The pizza is an application that we open end then the waiter is an API (Application Programming Interface) that takes our data to a server and then when the data we need is ready, it takes it for us comes back to our phone or computer.

In computer language, API is a way by which, while developing app, you can provide a medium through which it can run easily and give good experience to the user. Simply, it is a medium of communication between many systems of the software that run on it. A good API facilitates the medium of communication of the application with its speed. It works faster, for example you can see that the speed of some application is good and some of are not.

Types of API

1. Procedural

To complete the special work of this app, it goes to the handler of the software i.e. the server which is handling it. It is mainly provided with the common interface to open a file to the function from its working system, then we can do any work through that open file. Procedural API is a completely handled by RPC implementations. (What is Utility Software)

2. Object Oriented

This API is a way of doing the difficult work in system objects and making them accessible to the server, it can take maximum load. Thee system is faster and more powerful than many other API system. It also works publicly as there are many such sites and software hits that everyone does, such as low grade search engines.

3. Service Oriented

This is responsible for accessing the services and task that we do through our application in the form of many protocols. It gives results to the activities that we do. These are usually in the merchant department i.e. apps and sites of shopping discounts. Such as Amazon.

4. Resource Oriented

As we know that its name is resource oriented, it means it is resource of something. When we run any software or application, it collect our data it takes it directly to the server. This is used by big companies which want to be completely secure. Expensive web hosting also use this.

Examples of API

All the many APIs are available on the internet but today I am going to tell you about some very popular APIs about which many of you might not know. If you already know about it then it is a very good thing.

1. Google Maps

It is made for mobile and desktop browsers, using which programmers embed Google maps in web pages.

2. YouTube

With the help of Google’s YouTube API, YouTube videos and their other functionality are integrated into websites and applications. With which users can easily use YouTube in their device.

3. E-commerce

As we know that there are many E-Commerce websites in the present day and in this case API comes for different E-Commerce applications like product advertising, product information etc. With the help of these we can see and use the data of the websites of their application.

4. Payment Gateway

By using these payment gateway, merchant can process payment correctly. Due to which it is very easy for the end user like us to complete the transaction.

5. Mob

A programmer who develops an app for an Android mobile can use the Android API to interact with hardware such as the front camera of an android based device.

6. Windows OS

Microsoft uses direct collection of APIs to manage multimedia related task such as gaming, graphic, designing etc. in windows. This makes it very easy to work.


1. What is the full form of API?
Ans. The full form of API is Application Programming Interface.

2. What is use of API?
Ans. Time saving, Efficiency, Automation, Partnership and Business.

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